Products by application

Diesel – Cleaners & Improvers

Diesel additives to clean injectors, pumps, DPF, turbo and more.


Petrol – Cleaners & Improvers

High quality petrol additives: to clean injectors, pumps, turbo charger and more.


Additives functions

As you can see below, there is a wide range of applications for which our additives are used. On closer examination of our additives, you will find completely different product properties, applications and additive concentrations of the products.

  • It emulsifies the humidity in the fuel system to reduce engine misfire.
  • Corroded channels and valves are unblocked and protected
  • Hard to remove organic and carbon deposits are catalytically activated and burned
  • Damaged seals are maintained and protected Injector nozzles are lubricated and protect against DID (Diesel Injector Deposits)
  • cetane-, octane-number of your fuel are improved by 2-3 points to improve performance
  • Clean the entire combustion chamber, Valves, piston heads
  • maintain the Lambda probe and help to burn off soot in the Catalytic/ DPF system

Additives by Application

Products intended for maintenance purposes, as the two products 9986 and 9985, should be used every 10.000 Km. They gently cleans and restores and thus prevents deposits in the injection system, in the Fuel injector nozzle, on the inlet/ outlet valves, in the combustion chamber and on the piston heads.

Products intended for use in case of problems, as the potent fuel system cleaners 9997 and 9916 are problem resolver additives. Potent complexing agents, emulsifiers and detergents intensely purge the entire fuel system.