W7702 Radiator Flush

Radiator Flush is a detergent and converter mixture designed to remove limescale and contaminants in the cooling system. Restores the original cooling performance, ensures smooth operation of thermostat and regulating mechanisms. Reduces engine failure risk, fuel consumption and wear. Compatible with all anti-freezes and coolants. Does not contain any aggressive acids, is neutral towards metal, rubber and plastic.


  • Restores the original cooling performance of the cooling system
  • Eliminates risk of overheating
  • Prevents undesired reactions due to coolant change
  • No disassembly of the cooling system required
  • Neutral towards rubber hoses, seals and all metals in the cooling system
  • Removes contaminants, clogging and corrosion
  • Compatible with all anti-freezes and coolants, including OAT coolant


  • Recommended for all water-cooled petrol and diesel engines
  • Compatible with all anti-freezes and coolants, including OAT coolants
  • 325 ML are sufficient for 12 l cooling water
  • Add contents to the cooling system at environmental temperature. Start up the heater. Then keep the engine running for at least 20-30 minutes. Drain the cleaner and flush out the cooling system with water. 




Available in

325 ML bottle –  REF. W7702