W7701 Radiator Stop Leak + Fluid

Radiator Leak-Stop was developed both as a preventive and as an acute problem solution to eliminate leaks in the engine's cooling system. Seals leaks in gaskets, clamps and small cracks in the radiator. Compatible with all anti-freezes and coolants.


  • Easy to use – no disassembly needed
  • Improves reliability of the cooling system
  • Resistant to high temperatures, vibrations and pressure
  • Neutral towards rubber hoses, gaskets and other system components
  • Protects cooling system against corrosion and oxidation


  • Recommended for all diesel and petrol engines with water-cooled systems
  • Compatible with all anti-freezes and coolants, including OAT coolants
  • 325 ML are sufficient for up to 12 liters cooling water
  • Shake well before use. Add contents to the cooling system at environmental temperature. Start up the heater. Then drive the vehicle for at least 10 minutes.

Available in

325 ML bottle –  REF. W7701